Structure Fire - Parksley

Friday, March 20, 2015 18:37 Stations 7 (Parksley), 6 (Bloxom), 8 (Tasley), 18 (Onley) and 9 (Onancock) were dispatched to a residential structure fire at 18440 Browne Avenue, in the Town of Parksley. Engine 7-3 arrived with a working fire in a two story wood frame. Chief 7 (Kelly) had the Command. Deputy Chief 6 (S. Bagwell) had Operations.



MVC ~ Gargatha

Friday, March 20, 2015 02:52 Station 7 (Parksley) was dispatched for a reported MVC with two overturned vehicles on Lankford Highway near Dennis Drive. After receiving conflicting reports on the location, dispatch added station 6 (Bloxom) to the alert. 7-53 (Collins) arrived on the scene establishing command and confirming the incident location to be across from Arcadia Nursing center. After a scene size up revealed a total of four patients, an additional ambulance was requested from Station 18 (Onley).



Structure Fire ~ Dennis Drive

Thursday, March 19, 2015 18:14 Station 7 (Parksley), 6 (Bloxom), 8 (Tasley), & 9 (Onancock) were dispatched for a reported structure fire at 26401 Dennis Drive, Parksley. Dispatch advised units of reports of flames visible in a bedroom window reported by a neighbor. 7-53 (Collins) arrived on the scene reporting light smoke from the window and established command. After further investigation the fire was determined to be under control thanks to a fast thinking neighbor with a garden hose. All units except Engine 7-3 & Tanker 6-7 were placed back in service. Crews confirmed that there was no extension using a thermal imaging camera, and used a positive pressure fan to evacuate the smoke.



MVC Airport Road

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 21:07 Stations 7 (Parksley) & 6 (Bloxom) were dispatched for a single vehicle MVC at the intersection of Airport Road & Big Road just outside of Parksley. Parksley P.D. Car 60 arrived on the scene confirming a single vehicle, a single occupant with an altered mental status, & no entrapment. Deputy Chief 7 (Marshall) established command and diverted Engine 6-3 to Metompkin Elementary School to set up a landing zone. After further patient evaluation Nightingale was diverted to RSMH and the patient was transported by Medic 7-0 with priority 1 injuries.



Residential Structure Fire with Fatality - Horntown

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 22:51 Stations 1 (New Church), 4 (Atlantic), 2 (Greenbackville), Worcester 200 (Stockton) and 20 (Oak Hall) were dispatched to a reported residential structure fire with possible entrapment at 5019 Swan Drive (Trails End) in Horntown. Medic 202 and Sprint 1 arrived on location to find a fully involved structure with exposures. Personnel were advised that one person  was unaccounted for. Truck 2 arrived and immediately began fire suppression. Command was established by Chief 2 (B. Outten) and was ultimately transferred to Chief 1 (J. Smith). As soon as the fire was knocked down a search was conducted by personnel and unfortunately, one victim was located within the structure. Command requested a fire investigator; Virginia State Police and the Accomack County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene. After performing extensive overhaul operations command released all Station 4, 2, 200 and 20 units. Station 1 units did however remain on location until the scene was turned over to the fire investigator.

Units operating: (New Church) Engine 1-4, Tanker 1-7; (Atlantic) Engine 4-6, Tanker 4-7, Rescue 4; (Greenbackville) Truck 2, Tanker 2-7, Ambulance 2-2; (Stockton) Engine 202, Tanker 2, Utility 280; (Oak Hall) Medic 202, Sprint 1; and DPS 3 (W. Gaskins).



Residential Structure Fire - Temperanceville

Monday, March 2, 2015  Stations 4 (Atlantic), 1 (New Church), 3 (Chincoteague), 6 (Bloxom) and 20 (Oak Hall Rescue) were dispatched for a residential structure fire at 31267 Pond Road, near Temperanceville. Engine 4-6 arrived on location reporting a working fire in a one-story dwelling. Command was established by Deputy Chief 4 (T. McCready). Due to deteriorating conditions Command requested additional resources from Station 7 (Parksley), 5 (Saxis), 2 (Greenbackville) and Worcester 100 (Pocomoke City). Also several cover-up (transfer) assignments were made during the incident. The home was owned by a longtime Atlantic volunteer firefighter and his family. Units operating on scene: (Atlantic) Engine 4-6, Tanker 4-7, Rescue 4, Brush 4; (New Church) Engine 1-4, Tanker 1-7; (Chincoteague) Ladder 3; (Bloxom) Tanker 6-7; (Oak Hall) Medic 201, Sprint 1; (Parksley) Engine 7-3, Brush 7, Air 7; (Greenbackville) Tanker 2-7; DPS 3 (S. Loomis). Also, Saxis Tanker 5-7, Pocomoke Engine 102, and Onley Medic 18-1 were placed on standby for cover-up.



Tasley - MVC - Entrapment

Sunday, February 22, 2015 08:09 Stations 8 (Tasley) 18 (Onley) and 9 (Onancock) were dispatched to the area of 23388 Tasley Road for a MVC with entrapment. Units arrived to find a single vehicle off the road with one patient entrapped. DPS 3 (Loomis) had the Command. Aviation was requested and was unable to fly due to weather conditions. Crews worked together to complete the extrication. The patient was transported by Paramedic unit 91 to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital.

Units operating on scene: Rescue Engine 8, Engine 18-3, Medic 91, Medic 92, DPS 3 and Virginia State Police.



Anns Cove ~ Vehicle Fire

Saturday, February 21, 2015 03:37 Station 6 (Bloxom) & 7 (Parksley) were dispatched for a vehicle fire called in by a VDOT unit plowing in the area of 23265 Anns Cove Road in Guilford. Units arrived to find the vehicle fully involved. 



Onancock - MVC

Thursday, February 19, 2015 14:47 Station 9 (Onancock) was dispatched to a MVC, reported as a head on collision at 21089 Fairgrounds Road near Onancock. Units arrived to find a two vehicle accident. Two patients were evaluated by EMS crews and refused treatment or transport. Chief 9 (A. James) had the Command.

Units operating on scene: Engine 95, Medic 92, DPS 3 and Virginia State Police



MVC - Keller

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 1738 hours Stations 10 (Melfa), 11 (Wachapreague) and 12 (Painter) were dispatched to a reported MVC with entrapment and possible ejection at 18016 Hollies Church Road, in Keller. Crews arrived on location to find a single vehicle involved with one occupant ejected. The vehicle had rolled over multiple times. Command was established by Chief 10 (S. Parker). Patient was packaged and transported to Riverside Shore Memorial.

Units on scene: (Melfa) Ambulances 101, 102, Engine 106; (Wachapreague) Engine 11-5; (Painter) Brush 12 with Rescue Trailer 12; and DPS Sprint 2. VSP was also on location.



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