Tuesday, June 16, 2015 10:14 Stations 9 (Onancock), 18 (Onley), 8 (Tasley), 10 (Melfa) and 7 (Parksley) were dispatched to a commercial building collapse at 43 Market Street in the Town of Onancock. Units arrived on scene and confirmed a collapse in the rear of the building which fronted  King Street. Chief 9 (A. James) established Command. Crews confirmed that no one was trapped in the debris, evacuated the buiding and surrounding buildings, secured utilities and blocked off streets near the scene. Building officials from the Town of Onancock and Accomack County responded to the scene. A structural engineer was called in to formulate a plan for stabilization and repairs of  the structure. VDOT placed barricades on the affected streets to restrict access.




Monday, June 1, 2015 15:41 Stations 10 (Melfa), 12 (Painter) and 11 (Wachapreague) were dispatched to a reported MVC with entrapment near 30329 Lankford Highway in Keller. Based on reports that an EMS unit and a bus were involved in the accident, additional units were dispatched from Stations 18 (Onley), 9 (Onancock) and 7 (Parksley). Crews arrived on scene and confirmed there was no entrapment. DPS Sprint 2 (Greer) established Command. Four patients were transported to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital in Nassawadox.The Staff of easternshorefire extends our thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in this incident.




Saturday, May 30, 2015 15:57 Stations 2 (Greenbackville) and 20 (Oak Hall) were dispatched to a reported brush fire in the area of 2053 Franklin City Road, in Greenbackville. Units arrived on location to find a working brush fire on the berm (used to hold dredge material from the harbor), spreading towards the town of Greenbackville. Additional resources were requested from Worcester Stations 200 (Stockton) and 300 (Girdletree). Personnel began fire suppression along the marsh near Bayfront Street. Due to the vast area to protect, command requested additional resources from Station 1 (New Church), 26 (Wallops Island) and Worcester 400 (Snow Hill). Once additional apparatus arrived, units were strategically placed around the fire to protect the numerous exposures along Bayfront Street and ultimately Franklin City Road and Harbor Drive. To provide an unlimited water source, two (2) static water supply sources were secured from the Greenbackville Harbor. Girdletree Engine-Tanker 301 established a draft at the first boat ramp to protect the numerous boats, and to refill tankers. In addition, Stockton Engine 202 established a draft along Bayfront Street to supply Engine 2-3 and Tanker 1-7, via 500’ of 5” LDH. After several hours, the fire was successfully contained to the marsh area, surrounding the harbor berm. Command began to release some mutual-aid units and at approximately 2045 hours the fire was extinguished. At that time, all remaining Stations 2, 200, 20 and 1 units returned to quarters. Units on location: (Greenbackville) Engine 2-3, Tanker 2-7, Utility 2-9; (Stockton) Engine 202, Brush 2, Tanker 2, Utility 280; (Girdletree) Engine-Tanker 301, Brush 3; (Oak Hall) Medic 201, DPS Sprint 1; (New Church) Brush 1, Tanker 1-7; (Wallops) Brush 26 with ARGO 26; (Snow Hill) Tanker 4 and Brush 4.



MVC ~ Melfa

Thursday, May 21, 2015 14:38 Station 10 (Melfa) was dispatched for a reported MVC near 28296 Bobtown Road involving a single vehicle overturned in a pond. A single patient was evaluated for injuries at the scene, no transport required.




Wednesday, May 20, 2015 13:11 Station 9 (Onancock) was dispatched to a woods fire at 21222 Wises Point. Brush 9 and Engine 95 responded with six personnel. An additional tanker was requested due to Tanker 97 being out of service. Station 8 (Tasley) was dispatched. Assistant Chief 9 (B. James) had the Command. Due to the low humidity and high winds, additional resources were requested from Station 18 (Onley), 10 (Melfa), 7 (Parksley) and the Virginia Department of Forestry. Crews worked together to contain the fire while Forestry plowed a fire line around the perimeter.

Units operating on scene: Engine 95, Brush 9, Tanker 8-7, Tanker 10-8, Brush 10, Brush 7, Medic 18-1, Forestry 1 (R. Lewis) and 4 (J. Lewis) with a plow. 




Saturday, May 16, 2015 12:51 Stations 9 (Onancock), 18 (Onley), 8 (Tasley), 10 (Melfa), and 11 (Wachapreague) were dispatched to 24290 Finney’s Wharf Road for a residential structure fire. Due to the known large size of the structure and reports of smoke evident, Chief 9 (A. James) requested  Station 7 (Parksley) be added to the initial dispatch. Engine 95 arrived on location with fire evident from both floors of the dwelling. Chief 9 established command. Engine 95 laid in 1200’ of 5” inch LDH from the paved roadway to the residence. A rural water shuttle was established utilizing tankers. Engine 183 established a draft from a portable tank at the scene to supply Engine 95. Engine 85 established a fill-site from a hydrant on the municipal water system in the Town of Onancock. Multiple attack lines were initially deployed and were unable to contain the fire. At 13:39hrs, as fire conditions  rapidly deteriorated, Command ordered all interior firefighters to evacuate the residence and requested central dispatch a 2nd alarm. Engine 73 established a draft from Onancock creek to supply Ladder 9. The home suffered extensive damage. An arson investigator from Virginia State Police was requested to the scene to determine the cause. One firefighter was transported to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and was later treated and released. Units responding on the 1st alarm: Engine 95, Ladder 9, Medic 91; Engine 183; Tanker 108, Brush 10; Engine 85, Tanker 87; Engine 115, Tanker 117; Engine 73, Brush 7 with Air 7, Rehab 7; DPS Shift Supervisor Gaskins. Units responding on the 2nd alarm: Tanker 67, Medic 60; Engine 64 (Temporarily located at Station 4), Tanker 47; Tanker 127; Tanker 168. Onancock Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Adam James, would like to thank Worcester Station 100 (Pocomoke City) for staffing Engine 102 at Station 9 for the duration of the incident.



Hallwood Structure Fire

Friday, May 15, 2015 08:13 Stations 6 (Bloxom), 7 (Parksley), 4 (Atlantic), 5 (Saxis), & 1 (New Church) were dispatched to a reported structure fire located at 27478 Main Street in the town of Hallwood. Units responding were advised of a mattress fire on the 2nd floor with smoke showing from side A. Upon arrival units found the mattress had been removed to the front yard. Crews entered the structure with Pressurized water extinguishers and thermal cameras to check for extension. Hotspots where extinguished and smoke removed by positive pressure fan.




Thursday, May 14, 2015 13:15 Station 9 (Onancock) was dispatched for  a two vehicle MVC in front of 20151 Market Street in the Town of Onancock. Engine 95 and Medic 92 arrived to find the incident as reported. Assistant Chief 9 (B. James) had the Command. One additional ambulance was requested and Station 18 (Onley) was dispatched. Two patients were packaged and transported to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital.




Monday, May 11, 2015 17:40 Stations 6 (Bloxom), 7 (Parksley), 4 (Atlantic), 5 (Saxis) and 1 (New Church) were dispatched to a residential structure fire at 13069 Dawn Drive. Units arrived to find a mobile home heavily involved and initiated a defensive fire attack. Chief 6 (J. Bagwell) had the Command and Deputy Chief 6 (S. Bagwell) had Operations.




Monday, April 20, 2015 14:25 Stations 10 (Melfa) and 18 (Onley) were dispatched to a MVC with entrapment near 27124 Redwood Road in Melfa. Dispatch added stations 9 (Onancock) and 8 (Tasley) to the assignment for extrication tools. (Engine 18-3 was out of service for maintenance) Dispatch initiated auto launch protocol and Maryland State Police Aviation unit Trooper 4 responded to the scene. Firefighter 10-43 (S. Baines) established Command and confirmed the entrapment. Units worked together to stabilize the vehicle and free the patient. Virginia State Police and Accomack County Sheriffs Office assisted on scene.



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