Hallwood ~ Structure Fire

Monday, September 1, 2014 11:45 Stations 6 (Bloxom), 7 (Parksley), 4 (Atlantic), & 1 (New Church) were dispatched for a possible structure fire at 28227 Groton Town Rd. Engine 6-3 arrived to find a manure shed fire. 7-68 (K. Midget) was in command. The fire was quickly knocked down. Tanker 4-7 continued to the scene to assist, all other units were placed in service. 



MVC ~ Hallwood

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 10:54 Station 6 (Bloxom) was dispatched for a single vehicle MVC near 12424 Mears Station Road just South of Hallwood. Due to addition information obtained by callers, Dispatch upgraded the call to an entrapment. Station 7 (Parksley) was then dispatched for a second Engine. Upon arrival and investigation crews found a single occupant with priority 3 injuries. After forcing open the passenger side door, EMS crews gained access, treated, and transported the patient to Riverside. ANEC was called to the scene by command (T. Bagwell) to evaluate a damaged utility pole. Engine crews remained on scene for about 30 minutes while Randy's Service Center handled vehicle recovery. The Virginia State Police handled the investigation.



Control Burn - Parksley

Tuesday, August 26, 2014  Station 7 (Parksley) conducted a controlled burn on Parksley Road, just outside of Parksley. Stations 6 (Bloxom) and 8 (Tasley) assisted with the training exercise.




Monday, August 25, 2014 0522 Stations 8 (Tasley), 18 (Onley) and 9 (Onancock) were dispatched to a MVC near 24350 Lankford Highway in Tasley. Units arrived on scene with a tractor and trailer overturned in the South bound lane. One patient was evaluated and refused treatment or transport. Investigation revealed the truck was carrying automotive batteries which were found to be compromised during the rollover, and were leaking acid. Hazmat was requested to respond to the scene. Hazmat 1 (Wilson) and the Regional Hazmat Officer (Todd Cannon) responded to the scene. Moore's Towing and 3D Environmental were requested to stabilize and recover the truck and clean up the Hazardous Materials. Due to the long duration of the incident, additional resources from Stations 7 (Parksley) and 4 (Atlantic) were requested to rotate with on scene engine crews. 859 (Beall) had the Command, Hazmat 1 (Wilson) was the Operations Officer, and Virginia Regional Hazmat Officer (Cannon) was the Safety Officer. Units remained on scene from 05:22am until 17:48pm.



FDNY Remembrance Rescue Project

The Accomack County Department of Public Safety will host the FDNY Rescue Remembrance Project at Four Corners Plaza in Onley on Saturday, September 6, 2014.




Friday, August 15, 2014  Station 18 (Onley) was dispatched for a MVC on Lankford Highway near the Pizza Hut. Dispatch upgraded the call to entrapment with at least one priority patient entrapped and unconscious. Medic 18-1 requested additional resources from Stations 9 (Onancock), 8 (Tasley) and 10 (Melfa). Medevac was auto launched by Dispatch per protocol. Medic 18-1 arrived and confirmed two injuries and no entrapment. Engine companies assisted with packaging of patients and traffic control. Two patients were transported to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital. Deputy Chief 8 (Isdell) had the Command. Virginia State Police, Onley Police Department and Accomack County Sherrif's Office assisted on scene.

Units operating on scene: Medic 18-1, Engine 95, Medic 92, Rescue Engine 8, Brush 8, Medic 101, Medic 102, DPS 3 (Pruitt) and Safety 10.



Structure Fire ~ Accomac

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 10:45 Stations 7 (Parksley), 8 (Tasley), 18 (Onley), and 9 (Onancock) were dispatched for a reported fully involved structure fire on Dreamland Avenue in Accomac. Units arrived on scene with nothing showing from the exterior. The occupants advised everyone was evacuated and that the kitchen was on fire. A small fire was extinguished on the stove with minor extension to the countertop. Chief 9 (A. James) was in command. Special Thanks to ANEC employee Jimmy Donnelly for his quick response and providing an extinguisher.



Parksley Road ~ MVC

Wednesday, August 13, 2014  Station 7 (Parksley) was dispatched for a reported MVC near the Parksley Royal Farms on Lankford Highway. Units arrived on scene reporting two vehicles involved, located at the north entrance to Royal Farms on Parksley Road. Further investigation reveiled no occupants were injured. Deputy Chief Marshall had the command. Randy's Service Center & Affordable Auto provided vehicle recovery. The Virginia State Police handled the investigation.



MVC ~ Modest Town

Sunday, August 10, 2014 17:05 Station 6 (Bloxom) was dispatched for a single vehicle overturned on Metompkin Road in Modest Town. Units arrived to find a single occupant still inside of the vehicle. Crews assisted the occupant in exiting the vehicle and personnel evaluated for injuries. No patient transport was required. VSP Trooper B. Lewis was the investigating officer. Eastern Shore Auto Body handled the vehicle recovery.



Parksley ~ MVC

Tuesday, July 29, 2014  Station 7 (Parksley) was dispatched to a reported two vehicle MVC South of the Parksley Royal Farms. Deputy Chief Marshall was in command of the incident. One patient was transported with priority three injuries.VSP handled the crash investigation. Parksley Police Department was also on scene.



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